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As well as the core team at The University of Manchester, this project has been made possible by a large number of researchers, practitioners, land managers and civil servants. A full list of contributors is available below.

Prof Martin G. Evans

Professor in the School of Environment, Education and Development and PI on the the project

Martin is Professor of Geomorphology at the University of Manchester. He has 20 years experience working on upland peatlands resarching the impact of erosion and restoration on water carbon and pollutant flux. Recent research projects include work on the impact of peatland restoration in the uplands on downstream flood risk, analysis of carbon cycling in upland reservoir systems, and work on the transformation of particulate and organic carbon in river systems.

Dr Clare H. Robinson

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences and Co-I on the project

Clare is primarily a microbial ecologist. Recent research has focused on characterising the structure and function of fungal communities in relation to carbon cycling in temperate and polar soils, particularly applying molecular techniques.

Dr Danielle Alderson

Research Associate in the School of Environment, Education and Development

Danielle is a research associate working on peatland carbon fluxes and trajectories of change post-restoration.

Dr Jonathan Ritson

Research Associate in the School of Environment, Education and Development

Jonathan has expertise in peatland carbon cycling and drinking water treatment as well as policy surrounding carbon offsetting.

We would also like to thank the following people for their valuable contributions to the workshops and policy brief.

Erik Lilleskov, David Elliott, Bjorn Robroek, Marc Dumont,  Tim Allott, Joe Holden, Chris Evans, Sue Page, Simon Caporn, Fred Worrall, Jennifer Pratscher, Jonathan Lloyd, James Rowson, Filipa Cox, Robert Griffiths, Emma Shuttleworth, Gareth Clay, Martin Kay, Alexandra Burkitt, Damian Rivett, Richard Bardgett, Andy Baird, Lisa Belyea, Angela Harris, Beth Cole, Angela Gallego-Sala, Anne Quillet, Andreas Heinemeyer, William Burn, Roxane Andersen, Ashish Malik, Rebekka Artz, Sarah Chadburn, Cate Heppell, Sophie Green, Dave Chandler, Tim Thom, Andrew Stimson, Jonathan Walker, Natalie Roberts, Iain Diack, Jon Bird, Mike Longden, Chris Wood, Ian Crosher, Simon Hutchinson, Nicholle Bell, Sarah Brown and Stephen Corcoran.

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